Integrated Curriculum

CTEp assists high schools with the development and implementation of integrated curriculum – courses uniting academic study with Career Technical Education (CTE), to help prepare students for success in college, career and life through a collaboration with University of California Curriculum Integration (UCCI).

Our mission is to expand access to integrated curriculum so that all high school students can better prepare for college and careers. As schools throughout the country work to update their courses to align with the Common Core State Standards, many are looking at UCCI’s Initiative as a model of collaborative leadership in curriculum design. Currently there are 76 full course frameworks that include detailed descriptions of each unit in the course and each major assignment within in each unit.

Materials developed at each UCCI Teacher Exchange get publicly shared via the UCCI website. To view a list of the UCCI courses that currently have associated instructional materials, visit UCCI’s Curriculum Folders page. In collaboration with UCCI, CTEp/OCDE has developed several UCCI binders with a pacing guide, key assignments and assessments for the following courses: