Regional K-16 Education Collaborative


We are happy to announce that the Orange County Department of Education/OC Pathways has been awarded funding as part of the Regional K-16 Education Collaboratives Grant Program.

Read the formal announcement HERE!

Over the next four years, the OC Pathways Collaborative will strengthen existing partnerships and alignment between all Orange County education partners and industry so that Orange County students will lead the nation in College and Career readiness and success.
Focusing on five career pathways, stakeholders from high school, community college, university,
and industry will collaborate to construct thoughtful and comprehensive
pathways that take students to and through college and career.


Proposed Timeline

Explore the equitable and meaningful work-based learning activities embedded in Career Pathways. This alignment ensures that students graduate college and career ready.  These experiences are not ancillary to the high school coursework, but are instead integrated into the students program of study.

The integrated programs of study below connect the dots between what students are learning and how they will use those skills in a future career.

Hover over the images below to explore the integrated programs of study.