K12 Strong Workforce Program

What is K12 SWP?

Governor Brown’s 2018-2019 budget allocated $164 million to the California Community College Chancellor’s office to fund regional collaboration for K12 Career Education. 

To learn more about K12 SWP and view the Request for Application (RFA), click here.

What is Orange County’s Allocation for 2020? 

The allocation amounts are comprised of the following weighted factors:

  • The region’s unemployment rate (comprises 33% of the allocation formula)

  • The region’s total average daily attendance for pupils grades 7-12, inclusive (comprises 33% of the allocation formula)

  • The proportion of projected job openings (34% of the allocation formula) 

  • To learn more about the K12 SWP Allocation for 2020, click on the image below.


K12 SWP Impact in Orange County

OCDE is Paving the Way for Career Education Across Orange County

One of OC Pathways’ biggest accomplishments over the last year has been the hiring of 14 career counseling coordinators – or CCCs – at almost every secondary school district in Orange County. Under the direction of OCDE and a district designee, CCCs assist with the alignment of CTE curriculum, activities and counseling efforts at both the middle school and high school level.​
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Work of the Career Counseling Coordinators

​The work of the 14 CCCs is rooted in the 12 Essential Elements of High Quality College and Career Pathways.