OC Pathways Regional Design Team

As school districts realign their work to meet expectations for career and life readiness, a range of products and initiatives are emerging.

How do districts make the right choice? What are the criteria for evaluating effective career readiness programs?

We will meet 5 times as a “Design Team” to hear from the “Action Teams” who will work together on common focus areas. In between our meetings, action teams will share best practices and resources, piloting and prototyping initiatives so we can all learn from each other when we meet and share out our progress.

*Jan 19 and May 18 will be in-person celebrations!

Click Here to Access the Regional Design Team Google Folder

We will work together to pilot, expand, and prototype career readiness initiatives across Orange County.

We will share our ideas, lessons learned, and common resources to reach kids and families throughout our communities.

Our mission is to work collaboratively to implement innovative and sustainable district-wide approaches to career readiness throughout Orange County