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4·6·10 Year Student Plans

Courses that students enroll in from middle school, through high school and on to college, should work in tandem to support students becoming both college and career ready! These sample student plans (organized by the 15 industry sectors and 58 pathways) encourage the development of academic knowledge and career technical skills.

Why is this important to students?

As students experience the integration of core subjects and career electives together each year in school, they are more engaged and they increase their competitive edge towards future endeavors.

Why is this important to parents?

Parents want to ensure that their students are applying their learning toward some greater purpose. These sample students plans can help you talk to your students about all the options available to them.

Why is this important to our business partners?

If you want an overview of courses students have access to, you can view the grids that most closely relate to your companies industry sector. This is how education is preparing students for your talent pipeline.

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