Student Ambassadors

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Are you passionate about CTE? Then our OC Pathways Student Ambassador Program is the right fit for you!

Ambassadors represent their school and district at the county level and work collaboratively with other students in the region so that CTE work in Orange County has more of a student voice. They will attend monthly county-wide meetings (every last Wednesday of the month from 4:30-5:30pm), represent their school/district at CTE meetings and events, advocate for CTE, co-plan and facilitate county-wide events like OC Maker Challenge and OC Pathways Showcase, and implement a year-long CTE project of their choice.

Meet the Team

Hannah Clark

Agricultural Sciences

I love listening to music and everything Disney related! My strengths are communication and public speaking. I am a cheerleader and Vice President of my school’s FFA team. What I enjoy about my CTE class is that I learn more about the agricultural industry and to better myself as a leader.

Emily Talavera

Agricultural Sciences

I am the Buena Park FFA chapter President and I am also in my school’s dance team! I am taking agriculture classes. What I like about it is that they help me become more organized and manage my time better. I love raising livestock, speaking competitions, leadership teams, and dancing.

Alyssa Muldong

Computer Science

I am a high-achieving high school student-athlete, youth advocate, dual enrollment student involved in multiple clubs and organizations to contribute both within and outside my community. I want to better my coding skills and be more aware of the world in Computer Science!

Kianna Doan

Computer Science

I love Studio Ghibli films and listening to Kpop, such as Nct and Aespa! I adapt well to new situations and solve problems around me efficiently. I’m part of the Chief Science Officers program and participate in STEM competitions. I want to explore more about coding and software.

Natalie Dang


I really love listening to music! I love popular hip-hop, but R&B will forever be my favorite genre. I’m extremely strong with time management. I’m always consistent, motivated, and never hesitate to do my work. I really enjoyed working with technology and learning how to code in multiple languages!

Khanh Doan


My hobbies include trying new drinks and desserts, watching k-dramas, and traveling. My strengths are that I’m self-motivated, open-minded, and I’m a good listener. I play tennis and am currently the LQ girls’ team captain. I love my CTE class because it encourages creativity as well as collaborating skills.

Jolie Evans

Patient Care

I enjoy photography, going to concerts, and trying all kinds of delicious food with my friends. I choose to lead by example for those around me in my classes, offering help, support, and constructive criticism in all of my classes, along with activities outside of school like my ATIP internship.

Mishaal Mahmood

Broadcast News

I love film! My strengths are public speaking and writing. Some extracurriculars that I am involved in are Student Television Network Competition in Long Beach and FilmEd Academy of the Arts. What I love about my CTE class is that I get to find real stories to share with my school!

Jesus Piceno


I love to play soccer with my high school’s team! My strengths are that I’m a quick learner and am very determined when it comes to achieving something. I also like to volunteer at my local church. I am in the business pathway and what I like about it is that it teaches one how to manage things.

Lena Cho


I love to crochet while watching K-Dramas, and I also love to run with my teammates during my free time! I can adapt to new surroundings and feel comfortable meeting new people. I really enjoy experiencing many hands-on activities to further my knowledge in my CTE class.

Gigi Lau


I love film, and anything related to the arts. I love spicy food and sour candy is the best! I am my school’s ASB Treasurer, Broadcast Producer, and CEO of Colorstry. My strengths are that I am quick on my feet and I am a fast learner. I love working with the crew to create amazing content!

Victor Vega


I have 2 possums! A quote I also want to use is “Always check out something new. Why stick to one wall when you have the whole house to explore”. I play volleyball and tennis. I am a great leader, and I am caring and understanding. I can lead a group to success but also stay with them when the fall behind!

Ava Swietlikowski


I’ve always been interested in biological sciences and understood from a young age that I wanted to work in healthcare. My greatest interest is in cardiology, and I aim to one day become a cardiothoracic surgeon. I love being able to channel my passion for science and medicine into a class.

Ellen Kim


My hobbies include playing the violin and going on long drives. I am interested in the healthcare industry. My CTE classes are very informative, and it’s really cool to apply the knowledge to my athletic training internship and helping with the detection, prevention, and treatment of athletic injuries.

Kayla Stanley


I run cross country and track and field! I’ve been a part of the PLTW CTE pathway for 5 years; I enjoy that it’s a hands on interactive course and you learn by trial and error, it allows you to develop skills not only in engineering, but also time management, leadership, and time management skills

Sophia Le


I love the arts, especially music, as it is one of my hobbies! I also love reading because it allows me to learn more about the world and how to write. I am interested in the medical field and wish to have knowledge in business to fall back on as I am also interested in that career field.

Mark Vickman

Nutrition & Wellness

My hobby is playing the guitar, and my interests are in music. My favorite quote is “the best form of revenge is massive success.” I also play basketball all the time! My strengths are public speaking and problem solving. My CTE class teaches me to watch what I am eating, which is helpful.

Janeth Palafox


I love to play sports! Specifically soccer and badminton! During my free time, I cook & bake and watch movies with my family! I am a Chief Science Officer, and a board member in a school club! Whenever I had face any challenges, I take a moment to sort out a great way to take on the challenge!

Rylee Robles


I am a huge Disney fan! My dream job would be working as a Disney Imagineer! I would consider my passion for inclusion and determination to be some of my greatest strengths. I love working with my classmates and partners to further my engineering and collaboration skills.

Finn Sapeta

Film Production

I love making movies and working with others. I also enjoy surfing, spending time with my family and friends, and making funny YouTube videos. I am the founder of the film club at my school. I love creating movies and I sometimes enjoy writing scripts, but I mainly focus on the production aspect of film.

Dylan Rodgers

Graphic Design

My favorite quote is “sometimes not choosing is still a choice”, I like to play volleyball for my school, and enjoy drawing and singing. I’m accountable, self motivated, determined, & detail oriented. I love that when I get projects assigned to me, I usually get complete creative freedom.

Joyce De Quiros

Computer Science

I love to crochet and listen to music! My strengths are working independently, collaborating with and helping others, bringing people together, and organization. What I love about my CTE class is that there are endless possibilities of things you can do with the skills that you learn.

Nathan Phan


In my free time, I like to run, play video games, and work on fun projects. I am a Software Co-lead for the First Robotics team at my school. The CTE classes I have taken were great because they gave me hands-on experience that helped me to gain insight into what I want to do and gain technical skills.

Julia Murdock


My greatest strengths are my enthusiasm for activities and my determination when things don’t go as planned. I also love socializing and meeting new people! I love working with physical models and learning about how simple things in our world aren’t really so simple when creating them.

Iuliana Cherevko


I am a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy literature! My natural curiosity and an inborn motivation to learn led me to development of a deep passion for math, computer science, and engineering. This ultimately has driven me to pursue advanced STEM courses during middle and high school!

Shilah Shurki

Technical Theatre

I love to read and paint when I have free time! I also like to play golf. I am great at communicating with adults! I love that my CTE classes are hands on and teach you skills for a potential career. They both help to expand creativity and really challenge all aspects of teamwork and problem solving.

Dristi Patel


In my free time I enjoy taking walks and painting what I see. Because I am interested in pursuing a career in astrophysics in my future, I enjoy looking at the stars through my telescope at night. My favorite game franchise is Pokémon and I’ve been playing it since I was very young.

Ahana Mandal


I enjoy STEM and I am a part of a robotics team at school, as well as Steamology, which is a non-profit organization aiming at spreading STEM activities to the community. I like reading books, playing the violin, and meeting new people. I am a FRC 7230 Software Lead and part of my school’s orchestra.